martes, marzo 20, 2018

ORTHODONTICS: How To Handle Braces Emergencies- Wire Poking, Sore Teeth

The following is intended to provide general information regarding some of the more common orthodontic emergencies.

Seek follow-up care with an orthodontist, dentist, or physician for more specific instructions.

Emergencies for patients in braces tend to be relatively infrequent and fortunately are not usually severely debilitating.

Nevertheless, the discomfort from a problem with the braces can be upsetting.

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Listed below are some of the more common problems and some possible solutions to deal with the situation on a temporary basis until seen by an orthodontist.

This video will provide the orthodontic patient some guidlines on what to do with loose or broken braces, wire pokes and mouth sores that can sometimes occur during the course of orthodontic treatment.

Fuente: Youtube / WaltonOrthodontics