miércoles, abril 15, 2020

ENDODONTICS : What is Pulpitis?

Puulpitis is inflammation of the dental pulp resulting from untreated caries, trauma, or multiple restorations.

Its principal symptom is pain. Diagnosis is based on clinical findings and is confirmed by x-ray.

Treatment involves removing decay, restoring the damaged tooth, and sometimes doing root canal therapy or extracting the tooth.

Infectious sequelae of pulpitis include apical periodontitis, periapical abscess, cellulitis, and osteomyelitis of the jaw.

Spread from maxillary teeth may cause purulent sinusitis, meningitis, brain abscess, orbital cellulitis, and cavernous sinus thrombosis.

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Spread from mandibular teeth may cause Ludwig angina, parapharyngeal abscess, mediastinitis, pericarditis, empyema, and jugular thrombophlebitis.

Fuente: Youtube / Dentist Vienna