martes, agosto 20, 2019

DENTAL PROSTHESES : The retention of complete dentures

Clinicians generally accept that denture retention is dependent on the control of the flow of saliva, its viscosity, and film thickness.

Interfacial surface tension contributes to retention, but the most important are good base adaptation and border seal.

This may be relevant to maxillary dentures. However, mandibular dentures will stand helpless in resisting dislodging forces due to their smaller support area, unfavorable distribution of occlusal forces, and an increased rate of bone resorption.

The use of endosseous implants can certainly assist in the support and stabilization of complete maxillary dentures.

However, there are situations when it is impossible to prescribe implant surgery to patients that are unable or unwilling to undergo implant surgery on medical grounds or financial constraints.

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In an effort to overcome many of the retention problems associated with maxillary dentures, what may be the role of atmospheric pressure devices as an effective, non-invasive procedure for enhancing denture retention was investigated.

Fuente: Youtube / Dr Teeth