miércoles, diciembre 18, 2019

ORTHODONTICS : How to Treat Pain From Braces

One of the most common questions and what seems to be foremost in almost everyone’s mind as they pursue orthodontic treatment: “Are the braces going to hurt?”

The short answer is yes, the braces will make the teeth sore.

The cause of pain with braces is still not completely understood, but has been associated with the changes in blood flow when pressure is applied to the teeth, as well as secretion of certain proteins such as substance p and prostaglandins.

It is basically the body’s response to an “injury” i.e. an inflammatory response.

Pain from braces can be treated with an oral numbing agent and pain relievers. Treat pain from braces with tips from a licensed dental assistant in this free video series on dental health and oral hygiene.

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Each person will tend to have an individualized response, so it is critical for the patient to be aware of the options available for minimizing the pain.

One of the most effective means of pain control is taking over the counter pain medication prior to the orthodontic appointment.

Fuente: Youtube / expertvillage