jueves, diciembre 12, 2019

What is Endodontic Success?

According to the most credible academic studies, an endodontic success rate of 89% to 94% should be expected from conventional root-canal therapy.

This number varies slightly based on the pulpal and periapical statuses of the tooth at the time of treatment.

For example, necrotic pulps with apical lesions have a slightly lower success rate than vital pulps.

However, these definitions of success are mostly based on radiographic analysis, using the strictest criteria.

In aggregate, and when tooth retention was chosen as the main criterion (similar to implant studies), large-scale epidemiologic studies have demonstrated an 8-year retention rate of 97% for endodontically treated teeth.

This shows that endodontic therapy is highly effective in retaining a natural tooth. But what is success?

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Clinical success is based on effective treatment of pulpal and apical diseases and preservation of the tooth versus its extraction. However, adequate restoration of an endodontically treated tooth is as important, if not more critical, to the long-term success.

As a result, the quality of the restoration should also be considered in this endodontic equation, as endodontic therapy is merely a link in the endodontic-restorative chain.

The most effective endodontic treatment will inevitably fail if the tooth is not correctly and efficiently restored.

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