jueves, marzo 15, 2018

ORAL HEALTH : The food items you should eat for good oral health

Good oral health is extremely essential to our everyday lives. Apart from brushing twice a day and flossing, what we eat plays a big role in keeping our teeth healthy.

Australian dentist Dr Steven Lin, according to The Independent, has revealed which foods we should be consuming to do so. You may be surprised by his suggestions too, with butter, salami and soft cheeses all making the list.

Writing on his website, Dr Lin explains that many people who brush and floss regularly still end up with regular dental cavities, whereas those who seem to take worse care of their teeth never seem to have dental problems?

"Teeth are living organs and require proper nutrition to regenerate and maintain healthy levels of enamel and dentin," Dr Lin explains. "And without proper nutrition, your teeth will struggle to stay intact."

If you're consuming enough vitamins and minerals, your teeth will naturally regenerate, staying strong and healthy.

But if you're not feeding your body with the right nutrients, the bacteria and acid in your mouth hinder this natural process, causing your teeth to break down faster than they can regenerate.

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"It's not just sugar alone that causes cavities, it's the lack of nutrients that strengthen teeth," Dr Lin says. "Malnutrition has become prevalent with the modern Western diet."

So what should you be eating?

Essentially it all comes down to four fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, K2, and E. Here are good sources of each.

Vitamin A: beef liver, fish, milk, and eggs.

Vitamin D: fatty fish, mushrooms and grass-fed dairy products (but sunshine is the best source)

Vitamin K2: soft cheeses, eggs, butter, liver and salami.

Vitamin E: spinach, broccoli and nuts.

With a balanced, nutritious diet, you'll keep your teeth in check, your body in shape and your skin glowing.

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