viernes, febrero 16, 2018

Radiation Safety In Dental Practice

Licensed dentists play an important role in maintaining radiation exposures of patients and staff as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).

Greater numbers of intra-oral radiographs are being requested and a wide range of other dental radiographic examinations (panoramic, cephalometric) are being performed on a routine basis with the addition of advanced imaging modalities (CBCT).

Individuals who operate dental X-ray equipment must have a basic knowledge of the inherent health risks associated with radiation and must have demonstrated familiarity with basic rules of radiation safety as explained in this study guide.

Licensed dentists should follow the FDA/ADA Guidelines for Prescribing Dental Radiographs.

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Digital imaging with photostimulable phosphor plates or solid state image receptors (i.e., CCD or CMOS receptors) forego the need for darkroom processing of film.

However, quality assurance on maintenance of the receptors, phosphor plate scanners, computers and monitors take on more importance in the management of images acquired with x-radiation.

Faulty management of digital data could possibly necessitate remake exposures thus violating the ALARA principle.


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