sábado, marzo 31, 2018

ORTHODONTICS : How to Take Orthodontic Records - Step by Step

If you are seeing a new dentist or orthodontist or getting a second opinion, she may ask for your orthodontic records.

What exactly are these and why are they important? How can you get your records when you see a new health care provider?

Your dentist or orthodontist has your orthodontic records on file, but what exactly are they?

Orthodontic records are used by dentists and orthodontists as a sort of study aid to provide patients with the best, individualized orthodontic treatment plan possible.

When a person becomes a candidate for orthodontic treatment, their dentist considers their records when assembling a treatment plan.

The dentist or orthodontist will put together all of the patient's potential treatment options.

Orthodontic records can also be used throughout the course of treatment to track progress over time, and they also become part of a person's dental records.

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