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DENTAL IMPLANTS : What to Expect During a Dental Implant Procedure

You're thinking about getting a dental implant, or perhaps you've already made the decision to have one placed.

What happens now? To some, just the thought of having an implant surgically placed in their mouth can be very intimidating and scary. It doesn't have to be.

Let's look at every aspect of getting a dental implant.

Your dentist will tell you the cost of your dental implant and the type to be delivered.

There are now more options to replace missing teeth and one that is gaining in popularity and use is the dental implant.

The implant is usually made of titanium and is surgically placed by a dentist or dental specialist such as an oral surgeon.

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These screw-like parts are placed into the jawbone and are meant to imitate the root of the tooth.

How Long It Takes
There are several factors that will determine the length of time needed for an implant procedure.

Your dental health
The number of teeth involved
Which teeth are replaced
If there will be a tooth extracted prior to implant placement


Source : verywell.com
Author : Lora Dodge