sábado, noviembre 16, 2019

Gummy smile: orthodontic or surgical treatment?

Orthodontists today have to meet their patients’ increasing demand for esthetic satisfaction.

This quest for youth and beauty is a new development in orthodontics, leading practitioners to try to discern the elements that determine facial esthetics and to set out rules and principles.

The essential factor in this demand doubtless concerns a youthful and harmonious smile.

Excessive gingival display in smiling may make the smile displeasing or even repulsive.

Correcting ‘‘gummy smile’’ thus becomes a prime treatment objective in response to patient demand.

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Assessment should therefore seek the etiology of gummy smile, as this will determine optimal treatment, which is usually orthodontic or orthodontic and surgical.

Which cases call for one approach or the other? This is the question the present articles seeks to answer.


Souce : J Dentofacial Anom Orthod 2015;18:102
Authors : E. Izraelewicz-Djebali / C. Chabre