jueves, enero 31, 2019

ORAL PIERCINGS : The Truth About Tongue Piercings

Of all the possible ways to pierce the human body, a tongue piercing poses potential risks to your health.

Consider the environment for this piercing: the mouth is warm and wet, a virtual hothouse for growing bacteria.

As you may already know, bacteria are no piercing's friends, but they are only one of the health risks associated with tongue piercing.

Tongue piercing can cause infections, speech impediments, breathing problems and broken teeth.

It says piercing always carries a risk of infection, but that risk is greater with mouth piercing because of the closeness of the airway.

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Infection can cause the tongue to swell, blocking or restricting the airway.

In addition, bacteria under the tongue often spread quickly and can lead, in extreme cases, to the potentially fatal toxic shock syndrome or blood poisoning.

Fuente: Youtube / Delta Dental of New Jersey and Connecticut