sábado, septiembre 22, 2018

The Relationship Between Orthodontics and Periodontics: An Interdisciplinary Approach

In the recent years rapid advances in dental techniques and dental materials had taken place.

Public interest had developed in maintaining a good oral health with attractive smile, which has resulted in understanding the interrelationships between periodontics and orthodontics.

Orthodontics and periodontics are interrelated in variety of situations and a multidisciplinary approach is often necessary.

Higher susceptibility of plaque accumulation in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment made involvement of periodontist almost unavoidable, also orthodontic treatment frequently results in undesirable periodontal changes which require immediate attention.

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Making the most of what these two specialities offer each other begins with the identification of periodontal problems that could become more complicated during orthodontic therapy and conversely those that could benefit from orthodontic therapy.

However a standard language between periodontist and orthodontist must always be established to eliminate the existing communication barrier and to improve the outcomes of the whole treatment.


Authors : Alankar Ashok Shendre / Anurag Ashok Shendre / Johar Rajvindar Singh