viernes, enero 24, 2020

The indications for third-molar extractions

Third molar extraction is one of the most frequent procedures in oral surgery.

Ten million teeth are extracted from approximately five million individuals every year in the United States.

The reported reasons for third molar removal include the risk of impaction associated with caries, pericoronitis, periodontal defects in the distal surface of second molars, odontogenic cysts and dental crowding.

Third molars (3M) have special features (location and impaction, position within the arch, anatomical variations, among other reasons) that lead to special considerations, in particular in terms of surgical treatment.

See also: ANGULAR CHEILITIS as the sign of systemic disease
Because of the frequency and importance of third molar surgery, the literature has focussed mainly on extraction criteria and extraction complications when they are impacted, retained or partially erupted, adjunct therapies for the postoperative course, and postoperative complications.

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