martes, noviembre 19, 2019

What Are Mamelons Teeth?

Mamelons teeth are teeth which appear on the lower and upper incisors of a person’s mouth.

They are recognized as protuberances which sit along the edges of a patient’s teeth. The incisors, which are the narrow teeth that sit in the front of a person’s mouth, consist of the upper and lower front teeth.

They are used for biting smaller pieces of food. Front teeth do not grow in with flat edges. In fact, they always grow in as mamelons but eventually smooth out over time and use.

Mamelons become noticeable om baby teeth when the tops and bottoms of a child’s permanent front teeth begin to break through the gum tissue. They are characterized as bumps or ridges which eventually wear down over time.

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They are generally not considered harmful to a person’s oral health and merely affect the aesthetics of a person’s smile.

Although mamelonson baby teeth or primary teeth do not last long, there are certain cases where mamelons may not wear down, resulting in bumpy ridges in adult teeth which can affect the aesthetics of a person’s smile.

Fuente: Youtube / Orthotropics