sábado, julio 06, 2019

Can stress affect the development of cavities?

An interdisciplinary study analyzes the correlation between changes in dental cavities and saliva and the state of being under stress.

Tooth decay and cavities are globally prevalent.

They often result in frequent dentist appointments leading to increased costs and lower quality of life.

Dental caries, or cavities, cause changes in dietary intake, social interactions, working ability, and overall health.

Due to the large prevalence and heavy impact on all aspects of life, preventative treatment and a thorough understanding of dental caries is necessary.

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Extensive research is currently being pursued on the biological front of dental care while educational efforts are being made to promote adequate oral hygiene.

Recent studies have suggested a potential link between psychological factors such as stress, and the development of cavities. A Canadian study published by Biomed Central: Oral Health delves into the potential association between stress and dental caries.


° Souce : medicalnewsbulletin.com
° Author : Shrishti Ahuja