lunes, junio 03, 2019

Getting dental implants? These are important factors to consider

Dental osseointegration, also known as dental implant, is rapidly becoming a popular solution in replacing a missing tooth.

But while dental implants are an effective, most natural, and long-lasting oral care solution, not everyone can undergo the procedure.

There are several factors that can determine a person’s viability as a good candidate.

Good general health

It is important for patients to be in good overall health before undergoing treatment for dental implants. Those who smoke, drink alcohol or have diabetes usually have lower success rates with dental implants since these conditions can negatively affect oral health, which then affects the healing process of the implant.

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Healthy gums

Healthy gums are necessary to support the new dental implant as it fuses with the jawbone.

If an individual suffers from advanced gum disease, they may benefit from periodontal (gum) treatment to rectify this deficiency prior to receiving implants.

Adequate jaw bone support

For implants to be successful, ample support and structure in the jaw are required.

Without healthy, strong bones, an implant can possibly fail. If a person is lacking sufficient jaw bone density to anchor an implant, the aid of a bone graft can help create a stronger foundation for successful integration.

Commitment to good oral health

Candidates should commit to maintaining their oral hygiene for a successful implant, and to keep the teeth in good shape.

This involves daily brushing and flossing, along with periodic visits to the dentist—hygiene habits are crucial to preserving the health and strength of natural teeth as well.

Choose the best system

The dental implant system a candidate chooses is a major factor, if not one of the most important decisions to ensure the success of dental implants.

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