lunes, julio 22, 2019

Do Sugary Drinks Cause Tooth Decay and Obesity?

In a recent study, researchers in Australia examined the association between the consumption of sugary drinks and oral health and weight status in adolescents.

The alarming increase in dietary sugar, especially those found in sugary drinks, has become a public health concern.

The consumption of sugars, notably sugary drinks, could potentially limit the intake of more nutritious foods which ultimately leads to a diet that is of poor quality.

A poor-quality diet is known to be a risk factor for weight gain and oral health. A recent study showed that an increase in sugar intake is significantly associated with an increase in weight in adults.

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The evidence in children remains ambiguous. In addition to weight gain, many research studies have also shown that sugars play a role in the initiation and progression of tooth decay and cavities.

Nutritional surveys in Australia show that the daily intake of sugars is the highest in adolescents, aged 14-18 years. Researchers in Australia evaluated the association between sugary drink intake and the prevalence of tooth decay and weight gain or obesity in the adolescent population.


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° Author : Medical News Bulletin