martes, octubre 22, 2019

7 crooked teeth problems that need orthodontic treatment

Crooked teeth, more often than not, come with an array of problems besides giving you an unsightly smile.

When you have crooked teeth considering orthodontic treatment is a smart move not just so you can have a perfectly straight smile, but also to avoid other serious problems that are associated with it.

Here are some problems that can occur due to crooked teeth that can be fixed with orthodontic treatment:

1. Speech Problems
People with crooked teeth have problems pronouncing words. When we speak, the sound is created when the tongue curls and presses the lips against the teeth.

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But if the teeth are crooked, the speaking pattern gets distorted and the sound doesn’t come out right.

2. Bad Breath Problems or Halitosis
Crooked teeth can cause halitosis or bad breath. If you have bad breath even after using loads of mouth wash and gum, brushing twice a day and keeping your oral hygiene routine in check, this might be a problem because of your crooked teeth.


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° Author : Dr. Satish Pai