domingo, agosto 04, 2019

Answers to Common Questions about Dental Implants

Modern dentistry has changed completely because of dental implants.

Gone are the days where dentures and removable partial prosthetics were necessary.

In the past, missing teeth could only be replaced by anchoring false teeth to the remaining teeth.

That puts a lot of strain on existing dentition. It was a slippery slope of tooth loss until unhappy dental patients found themselves with complete dentures. A situation that nobody would wish on their worst enemy.

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Today dental implants can be used in many ways. Single missing teeth can be replaced with a single implant. Spans of teeth can be replaced by multi-unit implants.

The real exciting news is that someone with no teeth at all can place between four and six implants and permanently attach a zirconia prosthetic that stays in place permanently and looks and functions completely naturally.

By Posted by Stanley Brown, Contributing Reader