lunes, septiembre 02, 2019

Do you qualify for dental implants?

As with any minor surgical procedure, there are some conditions that can disqualify you as a candidate for dental implants.

Some of them are temporary, although you must still wait until they’re fixed before undergoing the surgery. Here are some of them:

Are your gums healthy?

Your gums will need to heal after dental implant surgery, but they need to be healthy at the time of surgery. If you have gum disease, like gingivitis, it may disqualify you from getting dental implants.

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Although you can treat gingivitis in its early stages, in time it can result in serious complications, maybe even requiring surgery to correct any problems.

Do you have adequate jawbone?

Since the implant needs to be inserted in the jawbone, it is important to have enough solid jawbone for the procedure. Loss of jawbone due to deterioration over time or trauma may disqualify you from receiving dental implants.


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