lunes, septiembre 09, 2019

Missing some teeth? Here’s how you get new ones

The foundation of a beautiful smile lies in a good set of teeth. Nothing distorts a smile more than the unsightly gaps left behind by missing teeth.

Missing teeth not only disrupt the harmony of the face, but a 2008 study also found that people with missing teeth are viewed more negatively for traits such as attractiveness, health status, education level, aggressiveness, intelligence and trustworthiness.

A more practical (and perhaps more important) aspect of missing teeth is that it can affect our chewing and speaking. Without teeth, the severely and completely edentulous (toothless) amongst us are restricted to a soft diet.

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Sounds such as “f”, “v”, “ph” and “th” rely on the interplay between teeth, tongue and lips. The loss of our upper and lower incisors may affect the clarity of these sounds due to the resultant lisp.

Teeth also provide contours to the face, especially around the mouth and cheeks. Lips and cheeks start to sag, giving one an aged appearance, when teeth are lost.


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