lunes, septiembre 30, 2019

Taste distortions? Why?

Patients with hypertension may have higher recognition thresholds for salty flavors.

A decline in perception for salty flavors may induce elderly patients to season their foods with excessive amounts of salt.

Could the medication or hypertension be contributing to his taste change and xerostomia complaint?

Since it has been some time since a patient presented with complaints about taste changes, you may have forgotten where various taste sensations occur in the mouth and the probable causes for such changes.

ORAL SURGERY: ORAL SURGERY : Surgical management of palatine Torus - case series

Taste occurs throughout the mouth within the taste buds and specifically in the taste receptors. Taste changes (gustatory changes, relating to taste or tasting) are very difficult to ascertain, and they are not easily determined or solved by the dental clinician.

Taste and smell are highly subjective to each individual, and patients are often referred to special clinics for a complete workup.


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° Author : Nancy W. Burkhart, BSDH, EdD