lunes, septiembre 16, 2019

Which crown goes where?

Will zirconia continue to dominate indirect restorative dentistry?

Dr. Gordon Christensen offers his advice about the current types of zirconia and the new crown materials on the market.

Ask Dr. Christensen Q: THERE ARE NOW SO MANY CROWN CHOICES that I am confused about which type of crown or bridge is best for which situation in the mouth.

Most of the companies are promoting their crown as the best one on the market. Many state that their crowns can be used anywhere in the mouth.

I have not had problems with the older materials, especially porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), or with the newer material, Glidewell’s BruxZir. Can you give me some guidance?

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A: If you are pleased with PFM, there is no urgency to change. You may be interested in a variation of the PFM concept that is having significant success—Obsidian from Glidewell, which is lithium silicate pressed over metal (not lithium disilicate).

The strength of this product significantly exceeds the strength of typical historical PFM materials. However, the well-proven PFMs of the past should still be considered for some situations.


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° Author : Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, PhD, MSD