miércoles, noviembre 20, 2019

You could be using too much toothpaste

Do you pay attention to how much toothpaste you put on your toothbrush every day?

New research from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States has found most children are using far too much.

In fact, the advice from the Australian Dental Association is less is more for both adults and children when it comes to brushing your pearly whites. So how much is too much and what are the risks? We asked a dentist to explain.

What happens when you use too much toothpaste?

Most toothpastes contain fluoride, a substance that helps strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay.

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But if young children ingest too much fluoride while their adult teeth are still forming, they can develop what's called dental fluorosis.

"Fluoride in too higher concentration mixes with the other minerals that are trying to develop in our teeth. We have multiple minerals that make up our teeth and it basically changes the ratios," Norah Ayad, the senior vice-president of the Australian Dental Association Queensland, said.


° Souce : abc.net.au
° Author : Alle McMahon
° Image : USA Today