jueves, noviembre 07, 2019

ORAL SURGERY : Replantation after traumatic avulsion

When the tooth is removed from its socket consequence of a trauma, and the surrounding structures as periodontal ligament and neurovascular bundle injure, the situation is named as 'tooth avulsion' in the World Health Organization's classification system modified by Andreasen.

Tooth avulsion is one of the most seen case of all traumatic injuries with 0.5% to 16% range in permanent dentition in conjunction with dental injuries can exist frequently at any time of life.

Dental practitioners encounter problems relative to the management of the avulsion. Esthetic appearance and chewing function of avulsed tooth can be restorated by replantation, which is defined as a rapid treatment method.

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Immediate replantation of the avulsed tooth is the best management, but the replantation in 20-30 min after the injury or keeping the tooth in an appropriate storage media until the patient can be seen by a dentist is also feasible.

The optimal replantation time for the best prognosis has been declared as 5 min in clinical studies. The healthy cell survival rate of pulp and periodontal ligament fibers begin to decrease by lack of blood supply, dryness and possible bacterial contamination when the tooth is removed from its socket.


° Source : eurjdent.com
° European Journal of Dentistry
° Autores : Huseyin Tezel, Cigdem Atalayin, Gul Kayrak