miércoles, diciembre 25, 2019

Red rash around your mouth could be a perioral dermatitis

What exactly is perioral dermatitis?

If you have a rash around your mouth, you may have perioral dermatitis.

This rash often looks like small, red, acne-like breakouts in people with light-colored skin and skin-colored breakouts in people who have skin of color.

Whether red or skin colored, this rash can itch.

Sometimes, the rash causes a burning sensation. It’s also possible that you won’t have any itching or burning. You’ll likely have dry and flaky skin where you have the rash, though.

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While this rash often develops around the mouth, it can also appear around your eyes or nose. You may have the rash around your mouth and nose or your nose and eyes.

Some people get it around their genitals. If you have the rash around any of these areas, your dermatologist may say you have peri-orificial dermatitis.


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