7 Causes of Black Spots on Gums

Gums are usually pink, but sometimes they develop black or dark brown spots.

Several things may cause this, and most of them aren’t harmful.

Sometimes, however, the black spots can indicate a more serious condition.

To be safe, talk to your doctor if you notice any dark spots on your gums, especially if they’re also painful or change in size, shape, or color.

Understanding the most common causes of black spots on your gums may help you decide if you need to seek immediate treatment or wait to bring it up at your next dentist appointment.

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1. Bruises You can injure your gums just like any other part of your body. Falling on your face, eating something with sharp edges, and even brushing or flossing your teeth too hard can bruise your gums.

Bruises on the gums are usually dark red or purple, but they can also be dark brown or black. You may also have some minor bleeding and pain in addition to the bruise.


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