miércoles, abril 01, 2020

COVID-19 & Dentistry: Practice and Patient Safety During a Pandemic

Henry Schein, Inc. has launched a new webinar series entitled, “COVID-19 & Dentistry,” to help oral health professionals maintain operational success during the coronavirus outbreak.

Please join Dr. David Reznik, Director of the Oral Health Center of Grady Health System’s Infectious Disease Program, and Gary Severance, DDS, Henry Schein, who will kick off this series to discuss “Practice and Patient Safety During a Pandemic.”

We will cover: what a pandemic is and how it can impact you and your practice; what to do now to address COVID-19 with your staff and patients; how to describe modes of transmission of COVID-19 in the dental setting; and understanding the importance of standard precautions, including use of PPE in dental settings.

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Fuente: Youtube / Henry Schein Dental