ORAL MEDICINE: Oral lesions related to dentures

Oral lesions in denture wearers constitute a heterogeneous group of tissue changes, both with regard to pathogenesis, clinical and histopathological appearance, and possible complications.

Dentures may be the direct cause of these conditions, due to changing environmental conditions of the oral cavity and loading of the oral mucosa.

However, systemic conditions and general diseases may influence the oral environment and alter tissue responses and resistance.

Different medical conditions associated with hyposalivation and parafunctional activity may result in higher risk of oral mucosal alterations.

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Dundar and IlhanKal reported diabetes mellitus as a risk factor for denture stomatitis and denture hyperplasia. The prevalence of oral mucosal lesions has been shown to increase with age.

Coelho et al. have explained that tooth loss increases with age, and a removable partial denture (PD) may be later substituted by a complete denture (CD).


Fuente : jispcd.org
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Authors : Suhayla Mubarak, Ali Hmud, Suresh Chandrasekharan, Aiman A Ali
Image : Aesthetic Dentures