sábado, marzo 10, 2018

ORAL SURGERY : What is Cauterization?

The cauter is a surgical instrument that is used in the cauterization of tissue. During cauterization heat is used to destroy tissue in order to make it stop bleeding or assist in the removal of a benign tumor.

Cauterization is often called diathermy; tissue can be cut with a scalpel but also with heat.

Thanks to the high temperature, small blood vessels are obliterated and the surgeon achieves an anemic (without blood) surgery area.

However, the cuts are not as delicate as when you perform them with a scalpel. Heat can damage surrounding structures such as the tongue, cheeks, nerves, blood vessels, neighboring teeth and dental roots and causes more scar formation.

Therefore the cautery is usually used to cut tissue under the skin or is used in aesthetic non-visible areas to avoid scars. Nevertheless, the risks of cauterization are negligible if performed by an experienced doctor.

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Fuente: Youtube / Checkdent