jueves, diciembre 12, 2019

PHARMACOLOGY : Drug Prescribing For Dentistry

This guidance is suitable for informing dental practitioners in the primary care sector, and applies to all patients, including adults, children and those with special needs, who would normally be treated in the primary care sector.

The guidance does not include advice on prescribing for those in a secondary care environment or for practitioners with special expertise who may prescribe a wider range of drugs.

For practical reasons, the frequency of administration of each drug is generally given as ‘X times daily’.

However, it is advisable to inform patients that they should take the drug at regular intervals that are as spaced out as possible.

ORAL SURGERY: PHARMACOLOGY : Use of antibiotic prophylaxis in dental surgery and procedures

In some cases a drug of choice is recommended for a given dental condition.

However, in many cases drug regimens are not listed in order of preference so that the choice of the clinical practitioner is not limited.

Be aware that special care may be required when prescribing for certain groups who may have additional or complex needs, such as the elderly, patients who are immunocompromised, patients who are pregnant and nursing mothers.


° Source : sdcep.org.uk / Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme / Drug Prescribing For Dentistry