viernes, julio 12, 2019

ORAL HEALTH : Role of saliva in oral health?

Saliva is a complex secretion.

93% by volume is secreted by the major salivary glands and the remaining 7% by the minor glands.

While the quantity of saliva is important, so is its quality.

The components of saliva, its functions in maintaining oral health and the main factors that cause alterations in salivary secretion will be reviewed.

The glands that make saliva are called salivary glands.

The salivary glands sit inside each cheek, at the bottom of your mouth, and near your front teeth by the jaw bone.

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The importance of saliva in caries development and bacterial plaque formation will be discussed and its role as an aid to diagnosing certain pathologies will be examined.

Fuente: Youtube / Doctors' Circle - Ask Doctors. Free Video Answers.