sábado, abril 28, 2018

ORAL PATHOLOGY : Mucocele - Types, Clinical Features, Histopathology & Treatment

Mucocele is a clinical term that includes mucus extravasation phenomenon and mucus retention cyst.

An extravasation phenomenon is a tissue swelling that may occur as a result of pooling of mucus in the surrounding connective tissue, from a severed excretory duct.

This severing of the duct could be due to trauma, like lip biting, cheek chewing or tongue thrusting.

A mucus retention cyst is a swelling manifesting as a result of obstruction of excretory duct due to a sialolith, resulting in accumulation of mucus in the duct.

Ranula is a mucocele (may be extravasation type or retention type) specifically occurring in the floor of the mouth.

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