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Poor ORAL HEALTH May Increase The Risk Of Weakness In Older Men

Oral health is known to affect overall health and wellness; turns out it may be linked with frailty in older men.

According to a study published in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society, tooth loss, gum disease, tooth decay and dry mouth may be linked with increased risks of frailty in older adults, especially men.

As per the researchers, men with dental issues were more likely to frail than men without such issues.

The findings of the study indicated that the participants were considered frail if they had at least three of these problems- exhaustion, weak grip strength, slow walking speed, weight loss or low levels of physical activity.

Frailty is basically a medical term for becoming weak and more vulnerable to declining health or the inability to perform daily activities.

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Someone who is frail can be weak and unable to function well and has less endurance; in fact it may increase the risk of falls, disability and even death.

For the study, the team examined the relationship between poor oral health and risks of becoming frail in 7, 735 British men. Initially they were first examined in 1978 to 1980 when they were 40-59 years old.

Later, in the year 2010 to 2012, the team examined 1,722 surviving participants aged 71 to 92.

They measured their height, weight, walking tests and grip strength. The exam also included a dental check-up.

The results indicated that 20 percent of participants had no teeth, 64 percent had fewer than 21 teeth, a 54 percent of participants had gum disease, 29 percent of participants had at least two symptoms of dry mouth and 34 percent had rated their oral health as fair to poor.

It is imperative to keep your oral health on point; in order to ensure that, you must include the following foods in your diet.

1. Apple
Apples make a great source of water and fiber that act as cleansing agents. It contains malic acid that boosts saliva production, hence removing bacteria from the mouth. The fibrous texture of apples also helps improving the health of your gums.

2. Cheese Cheese is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus and protein that can make your teeth stronger and whiter and also protect them from decaying.

3. Spinach
Green leafy vegetables are super-efficient when it comes to maintaining pearly whites. Spinach has abundant magnesium that helps in building the enamel and keeps it healthy.

4. Basil
Basil is believed to be a natural antibiotic and has anti-bacterial properties that prevent bacterial growth in your mouth. You can easily include basil in your salads, soups or even curries.

5. Nuts and seeds
Nuts and seeds are abrasive in texture; therefore they help in removing plaque and stains in your teeth. The omeg-3 fatty acids present in nuts help in lowering the risk of gum disease that can damage your teeth.

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