lunes, agosto 19, 2019

Receding gums: A major issue affecting oral health

Affecting nearly half of the U.S. population, gum recession is an oral health issue in which the gums have worn away, exposing teeth to damaging, disease-causing bacteria.

While traditional treatments exist, they come with a painful surgery with a long recovery time. A new treatment option, however, offers better, nearly pain-free results for patients.

Gum recession and its traditional treatments
For many, the issue of receding gums is caused by gum disease or from simply over-brushing the teeth and gums.

While aging often comes into play, children can also be affected. In fact, 10 percent of children with braces suffer from gum recession.

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While there is a surgical method to correct the issue, also known as gum grafting, the process can be very painful, requiring multiple surgical procedures and an extended recovery time.

To perform this method, tissue from the roof of the mouth is cut, removed and surgically grafted onto the receding gum area. But thanks to a new technique, patients now have a less painful option for correcting this issue.


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