sábado, junio 15, 2019

When Does a Dental Filling Need to be Replaced?

Dental fillings (also called as dental restorations) are intended to replace a part of tooth structure which is lost due to decay.

Fillings protect your teeth and surrounding structures for many years; however, eventually all dental fillings need to be replaced.

Dental filling are subjected to constant assault from eating and drinking, or stress from repeated clenching and grinding of teeth, eventually leading to failure of the filling.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria. If the dental fillings are worn away, cracked, chipped or fallen out gaps between tooth structure and dental filling are created.

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These gaps provide entry point for bacteria into the tooth structure. Bacteria are abundant in oral cavity and are commonly found in saliva and in dental plaque (a thin, sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on our teeth and along the gum line).

When the seal between the tooth structure and the dental filling is broken down food particles and the decay causing bacteria can work their way down into the gap between the worn dental filling and the tooth structure.


Souce : newdelhitimes.com
Author : Dr. Wasim Rasool Wani