viernes, diciembre 20, 2019

How Acid Erosion Affects Your Teeth?

We all know that acid has a negative effect on our teeth but many of us don’t realise just how bad this can be or where that acid is coming from.

Acid essentially causes the enamel on our teeth to wear down and this means that we lose that protective layer.

The result is that teeth can become discoloured, as well as painfully sensitive, and this is a difficult process to reverse once it has taken place.

When it comes to managing the effects of acid on the teeth, it’s not always simply the food and drink that we’re consuming but the way we’re consuming it too.

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What is tooth erosion? At its most basic tooth erosion is where the structure of the tooth is damaged because the dental enamel has been weakened.

Enamel is a protective layer of hard tissue that helps your teeth maintain their structure and when this is worn away it exposes the core tissue of the tooth (the ‘dentin’) underneath, which makes teeth look discoloured.

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