lunes, mayo 06, 2019

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Cross-sectional studies have shown implant treatment to be highly reliable and safe in suitably selected patients.

Longterm benefits of implant treatment include:

• Cost effective and long lasting solution to tooth loss
• Significant benefits in improving quality of life and well-being of patients
• Prevention of disuse atophy and deterioration of the jaw bone support

Studies have also shown that implant complications can occur and some implants may fail.

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Long-term success and prognosis often depends on successful management of a variety of risk factors (e.g. uncontrolled diabetes, history of periodontal disease, bruxism, occlusal trauma etc) that may be present in each individual case.

Patients should be fully aware of the effect of these risk factors on the success or survival of their implants and how these modifying factors should be managed to optimise the prognosis.

Fuente: Youtube / Donald Wilcox, DDS