lunes, mayo 06, 2019

When are dental crowns necessary?

In case you still have questions about what a crown is and why it is necessary, simply put, a crown is a protective cap for your tooth.

It can be made of a variety of materials, but usually we make it out of porcelain to ensure a beautiful, natural result.

OR it might be made of a combination of porcelain and metal to reinforce the beauty with the strength of metal.

Crowns will last for a very long time with a small investment each day of your time with proper brushing, flossing, and Waterpicking.

We recommend crowns to our patients when the tooth in question already has a very large filling with decay around the edges, a tooth that is cracking, a tooththat has been treated with endodontic therapy, or when portion of the tooth has fractured off.

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All these circumstances require a restoration that will add strength and structure back to the broken-down tooth. Fillings will not do the job. With the added support of acrown, we can rebuild teeth that have been severely weakened by decay, cracking, or breakage and prevent future problems.

Fuente: Youtube / Jill Golsen