miércoles, octubre 17, 2018

What you should know about wisdom teeth removal

Extraction of wisdom tooth is very common these days.

You will find that majority of people have got their wisdom teeth extracted due to complication discussed above.

The most common reasons for extraction of wisdom tooth are insufficient space in jaw for their eruption, improper angulation of wisdom teeth.

Angulation is an important factor in decision of extraction of wisdom tooth as improper angulation can lead to many problems, like where the wisdom tooth is angulated towards the cheek, it causes repeated cheek bites, which are very painful and in case the wisdom tooth is angulated towards the tongue, it causes painful laceration of the tongue.

ORAL SURGERY: ORAL SURGERY : Surgical management of palatine Torus - case series

Due to repeated bruising of tongue by tooth can lead to tongue becoming numb sometimes. Another reason for extraction of wisdom tooth is preventive extraction of wisdom teeth.

This is done with a view that if not extracted, can lead to food impaction behind the wisdom teeth.


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