jueves, octubre 10, 2019

Are fixed retainers better than removable retainers?

To state in one sentence any retainer is better than no retainer. But to choose which retainer suits the patient there are certain criteria on which retainer is given.

Retainers are of three kinds. There is a removable retainer with a wire and plate commonly known as Hawley retainer. There is another plastic retainer which is made of clear plastic called as clear retainer or Essix retainer.

The third variety is the fixed wire retainer which is glued on the inside of the teeth. The factors which dictate which is better and which is not is as follows. For those patients who are very compliant with wearing the retainers anything would be fine including the removable ones.

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But for those who do not like to have a removable retainer because of which they fail to wear the retainer completely, for them definitely fixed retainer is better.

The other advantage of fixed retainer is that it is not visible because the retainer is a very thin wire which is glued on to the teeth from inside. So whenever you are speaking or smiling the retainer is not visible.

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