miércoles, noviembre 27, 2019

Dentist Tip: 5 Ways to Tell if Your Crown Fits Correctly

Your dentist may recommend placing a crown on one of your teeth.

This is most often done because there is not enough tooth remaining to hold a filling or the tooth has been weakened by previous fillings, cracks etc that put the tooth at risk of fracture which may render the tooth un-restorable and require an extraction.

Crowns are made of gold or metal alloys, all porcelain or porcelain gold combinations.

There are pros and cons with each choice of material and your dentist can review them with you and give you his/her recommendations.

The “fit” of a crown is very important for the longevity as well as the “comfort” and esthetics of the crown.

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In most cases, patients won’t be able to discern just how well a crown fits and one has to trust their dentists’ judgment, but the following lists a few things that may give you some indication.

Fuente: Youtube / Spath Dentistry