sábado, noviembre 30, 2019

Fordyce granules: Normal or abnormal structures?

Patients often notice areas of their mouths that may have been present previously, yet suddenly become noticeable to them.

On occasion, Fordyce granules may change, making them appear more prominent.

For instance, androgenic hormonal changes due to puberty or pregnancy may affect an area of the body, causing a benign structure to change in color, size, or shape.

An example of this is gingival overgrowth. These changes in hormonal levels may cause a previously benign growth to appear different in color or become more obvious, such as Fordyce granules.

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Changes of this nature may cause a patient to bring noted variations to the attention of his or her dental hygienist or dentist with questions such as, “Do you think this appears normal to you?” and “What has caused this growth?” Dental professionals should be able to respond to these questions in a way that will allay any fears of malignancy or, in the case of possible premalignancy or malignancy, equip the patient to make an informed decision regarding the course of action.


° Source : rdhmag.com
° Authors : Nancy W. Burkhart, EdD, BSDH, AFAAOM