lunes, noviembre 04, 2019

11 myths about dental health that need to be demolished right away

Can a tooth extraction affect the eyes? Do braces hurt?

Every day dentists in India encounter several beliefs that have no basis in science.

Let’s separate the science from fiction once and for all, and look at 11 common myths that should have no room in the 21st century:

Myth 1: Dental cleaning can cause sensitivity.

Fact: Dental cleaning or scaling is a non-invasive procedure, required in cases of excessive accumulation of plaque (sticky colourless bacterial deposits on the surface of the tooth) and calculus (hardening of plaque) on teeth.

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Calculus or tartar on teeth forces the gums to recede. Scaling exposes areas of the teeth that were previously covered with tartar, thus exposing the tooth roots. This might cause temporary sensitivity which resolves in a day or two.


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