miércoles, noviembre 13, 2019

How does diet, oral health influence psoriasis?

Studies have previously suggested that oral health and oral microbiome are correlated with psoriasis severity.

To delve deeper into how and why this relationship exists, researchers at The Ohio State College of Medicine performed a retrospective case-control study in which they surveyed 265 patients from a Dermatology Clinic at The Ohio State School of Medicine.

Out of the total participants surveyed, 100 suffered from psoriasis.

The surveys collected information on the duration of the patient's skin condition, patient-reported outcomes, and dietary intake as well as additional questions about dental care and oral hygiene.

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The most common skin disorders in the control population were contact dermatitis, skin cancer examination and acne. Logistic regression was used to compare psoriasis patients to their controls.

Stepwise univariate analysis was used to remove variables that could potentially cause bias such as smoking, obesity and a family history of psoriasis.


° Source : dermatologytimes.com
° Author : David Ozeri, M.D.
° Image : fm105.com.mx