miércoles, noviembre 27, 2019

What can cause spots on the tongue?

The tongue has lots of small spots on it for taste and sensation.

They are not usually very noticeable.

If spots are an unusual color, cause irritation, or other symptoms accompany them, they can be the sign of a health problem.

In this article, we look at what healthy spots on the tongue do, and the causes of unusual spots.

We also cover diagnosis, treatment, and prevention tips.

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Healthy tongue spots

There are four kinds of healthy spots or bumps that typically appear on the tongue. The medical term for these spots is papillae.

Fungiform papillae are the small spots that appear all over the tongue. A person usually has 200 to 400 of these, mostly at the tip and edges of the tongue. Each of these papillae contains three to five taste buds.


° Source : medicalnewstoday.com
° Image : Baggout