martes, julio 16, 2019

Does High Cholesterol Level Leads to Loose Teeth?

Mobile teeth have been on an increase since a decade. With reasons ranging from poor oral health to tobacco consumption it is also caused due to systemic diseases which have become very common these days.

An increase in the stagnant working style and lethargic lifestyle the systemic diseases which the common people are facing are on a gradual increase day by day.

With diseases like diabetes and hypertension and high cholesterol levels being on a gradual increase these days we have to know the side effects it has on our health and our teeth.

So, does high cholesterol level lead to loose or mobile teeth a question to be answered?

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What is cholesterol and what leads to high cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a fatty dense substance which is found in the cells of the body produced by the liver which is essential for much life sustaining functions of the body and building the body cells.

But excess of cholesterol is harmful for the body. High cholesterol levels or high cholesterol are often the result of a poor diet, obesity and unhealthy lifestyle choices and lack of exercise thereby making it a preventable and treatable disease.


° Author : Dr. Gauri Bhatia
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